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Due to the growing demand of mobile professionals worldwide and the increasing popularity of Wi-Fi Hotspots, there is a strong need for a fast and accurate wireless database both online and offline. The HotSpot Haven was founded with the hope of providing those seeking to 'unwire' with a library of local wireless businesses that offer either free or fee based wireless internet services.

If you still don't know what Wi-Fi is or what the technology can offer for your home and business, just look around at a local Wireless Cafe and see if you notice a few people surfing the web on their laptops. Welcome to Wi-Fi.

We like to think of ourselves as a Wireless Hotspot Search Engine. By entering a City or ZIP/POSTAL CODE in our very user-friendly search interface, you will be able to find local wireless hotspots as well as all the information you will need to get there and use the service. After you visit a local hotspot and use the wireless services, we hope you will come back to our site and write a comment for the specific location you went to. That way anyone can review the quality and atmosphere of the wireless venue before deciding to go.


Our mission is to provide fast and accurate search results for anyone seeking a wireless venue worlwide either online or offline. We re-designed our entire back end search technology and website to better position our services to reach this goal. We also introduced SpotShadow as a free-to-download portable wi-fi hotspot locator. Now you will be able to find local wireless cafes and hotels when you are NOT CONNECTED!


To find a local wireless cafe or hotel, simply select the appropriate tab on the top of the search interface. Then enter a CITY or ZIP/Postal Code into the main search box. You can either search now or you can further filter your search by selecting a wireless provider in the drop-down box, or by picking the type of wireless venue required. Perform the search by hitting FIND ALL or FIND FREE, or by hitting ENTER on your keyboard. 99.9% of all our searches are served under 0.2 seconds!


Site Exchange is a content development tool designed specifically for web publishers of weblogs and websites to instantly customize and integrate a Global Wi-Fi Hotspot Directory onto your site. Site Exchange is FREE to use, and will further monetize your website by adding quality content that will generate more page views for you to cash in on. Increase your website's visitor loyalty by adding pure content and give your audience the chance to locate wireless hotspots nearby! Since its FREE, what are you waiting for?


The problem with 'online' is that you can't access it 'offline'. SpotShadow is a offline library of wi-fi hotspots that allows you to enter a City or ZIP/Postal Code to find local businesses that offer free or fee based wireless internet services. The perfect solution for business travellers, this handy tool is small in file size and fast in functionality. Future upgrades to SpotShadow will include International Versions and an Auto-Update Mechanism for assuring you are searching through the latest data. You can download this wireless library by Clicking Here.


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